Apogee Data Consulting prides itself on supplying the right data in the right format in the right time. We are flexible to your requirements and can source data for you. If you can't see the data you require on the web-site please contact us as we will probably be able to help you.

    Apogee Data Consulting is a registered Solutions Provider for Royal Mail. This enables us to process PAF (Postcode Address File) data on behalf of third parties and incorporate this information with additional company specific information. Click here for more information.
  • Postcode Lists
  • Street Level PAF
  • Delivery Point Counts

    Apogee Data Consulting became a licensed partner of Ordnance Survey in July 2005. Apogee is able to publish maps that contain Ordnance Survey data. These could be hard copies or electronic copies for use on the internet, subject to the correct licence fee. Click here for more information.

Map Mechanics
Apogee Data Consulting is able to sell data and add-value to products available from MapMechanics. Please take a look at their web-site, allmapdata* to see the vast range of data available. If they have a dataset you are interested in please contact Apogee to arrange the data for you. Click here for more information.
  Visit our Pitney Bowes Software Solution Showcase  
Pitney Bowes Software
Take a look at our Solutions Showcase from Pitney Bowes to see the data options available from them. Click here for more information.