3rd Quarter 2015 - July to September 2015
20th July 2015
Upgraded to MapInfo Pro v15 32 bit. Let's see if it lives up to expectations. I'll keep you posted.


2nd Quarter 2015 - April to June 2015
30th June 2015
Louise Kavanagh attended the MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland Conference in Birmingham. An interesting and informitive day where speakers from Magenta Living, Europa Technologies, Cambridgeshire County Council, Ordnance Survey, NHS South Central and West Commissioning Suport and Leeds University gave insights into their use of MapInfo and GIS.

Tom Probert from Pitney Bowes provided a MapInfo product update and an interesting explanation as to why the next release will be v15. In the West 13 is unlucky and in order to keep in mind other cultures the number 14 was also skipped as the number 4 is considered particularly unlucky in the East!


20th June 2015
Y15M06 PAF data processed.


20th May 2015
Y15M05 PAF data processed.


30th April 2015
Financial year end for Apogee Data Consulting. 11 years of trading and the highest turnover to date. Here's to the next 12 months of business!


20th April 2015
Y15M04 PAF data processed.

April 2015 Street Level data produced and available to purchase for the 2nd quarter.